Saturday, November 12, 2011

Warming Up for the Holiday Art Fair: Mitts

I think I'm finally getting the hang of stranded knitting (2-color work). I finished this pair of black/red Norwegian mitts and have immediately started on a new pattern of Russian Komi mitts from Charlene Schurch's book...this pattern obviously has a strong Norwegian influence. I noticed that I've been using the same yarn for all of these recent mitts - Frog Tree sportweight alpaca. I've also noticed that as I start each new work, I'm using smaller needles, which makes the project much easier to handle. For this one, I'm using #2 needles, and already the pattern is coming out so clearly. Also, the choice of colors works well too. I really like the subtlety of black/red together as well as complementary colors knitted together, but there's nothing like the beauty of just mixing one light color with one really contrasting dark color.

The black mitts, along with several other knitted accessories and garments will be on sale at the upcoming West Walker Holiday Art Fair, on Saturday, November 19th. 100% of the proceeds will fund the Three Brothers Community Garden. This garden is a volunteer-operated garden, and all of its produce is distributed at the Irving Park Community Food Pantry, so that our hungry neighbors can also share in the delicious and healthy harvest that our earth yields. Hope to see you this Saturday!

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  1. How much would one hour cost? Grrr. You mean I gotta travel all the way to the Big Easy in this weather by bike? HawrHawr God blessa youse - Fr. Sarducci, ol SNL