Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mittens and Post-Marathon Maintenance

I’m pretty much finished with my third pair of Norwegian Mittens, these made of 100% alpaca wool (think warm!). I used US size 3 needles, and I probably could’ve used size 2s, and would’ve ended up with a tighter mitten and a sharper design. However, these came out very nicely, still warm, and fit on my hand without being too snug. There’s a little stretch in them, so my question is: Would men wear Norwegian Mittens? The color scheme is manly enough, but the design—it scares my husband away—he’s a man of simple, minimalist tastes though. So to all of the other men out there, what say you? Yay or Nae to the Norwegian Mitts?

In other news, yesterday I had three clients who needed post-event massages after the Chicago marathon. Two of them, both male, complained of tight and sore hips. This isn’t surprising, especially after 5 hours of constant jarring of joints upon the pavement. The good thing is that they requested massage within 24 hours after the event, before the delayed onset muscle soreness (doms) really takes hold. All of the massages were gentle, light, and focused on restoring circulation throughout the core muscle groups, calming the body down after hours of endless contraction of muscle groups, ending with gentle stretching to retain the muscle length. One of my clients iced his joints for a long time after the event, and this too is an excellent measure, as it goes a long way in preventing swelling and inflammation of sore areas after the marathon. Icing alone probably cut down his recovery time by a few days. I’m always impressed by runners. It’s not only a physically-demanding activity, but a mentally-challenging one as well, and very daunting to this massage therapist. However, one common phrase that all the clients said was that “If I can do this, anyone can!” It’s always encouraging to hear those words.
So in short: Ice, and massage…don’t wait!


  1. I would love to run a marathon. I started running again after too many years of achilles pain was finally gone. I am sticking to the treadmill, though, because I fear that hard pavement jarring. Will build up slowly.

    The mittens are fantastic, but I don't know many adults who wear mittens at all -- I am one of the exceptions. I love mittens. Have you tried thrummed mittens yet?

  2. I have not tried the thrummed ones yet, but I keep looking at them! :-)
    One of my clients yesterday--a woman--did the marathon without any problems, she ran better than she expected, and had no injuries or anything, and she had trained for it by herself, primarily on the treadmill, so it can be done Marcy!